The City of Arco Minutes


                                                                                          City Council

                                                                                          City of Arco

                                                                                          July 11, 2022

Mayor Parsons called the regular meeting of the Arco City Council to order 7:00 p.m.  Those in attendance were City Council President Gilchrist, Council Members Reese, McCurdy & Tessmer, City Clerk Wilson, Maintenance Supervisor Tony Chisham, Tom Cammack, Donna Murray, Jim Riemenschneider, Brett Beard, Kurt Hirbbert, Rebecca Lange, Monica Hampton, Brian McCabe & City Attorney Steve Stephens

After the pledge of allegiance to the flag, Councilman McCurdy motioned to approve the minutes from the last meeting with a second from Council Member Tessmer. Motion carried.

            Public Comment: Monica Hampton informed that of July 14, 2022, that Inl Speakers Bureau will be here in Arco to discuss Arco’s place in history and why Arco is totally “lit”. This will take place in the Butte School Auditorium at 7:00 pm. There will also be a bus that will be taking tours out to EBR 1 if anyone would like to take the bus there is no charge.

            She also mentioned ITD will be putting a survey out to get public feedback on charging stations and the 7-year project plan.

            Next on the agenda the council discussed the possibility of annexing Jax Travel Plaza into the city as a company has expressed interest in building a motel on their property near the truck stop. We will continue this as the company provides more information concerning this project.

            Recently Dave McCarter has visited with the City about the possibility of building an apartment complex on some City property. We will continue to move forward and see what they are proposing.

            Kurt Hibbert will be coming to Atomic Days and provide a survey for residents concerning the comprehensive plan and growth in Arco. A booth will be set up and the Council Members will take turns during the day on Saturday to man the booth with Kurt.

            Zoom meetings were discussed and Council President Gilchrist motioned to have Zoom meetings at all regular council meetings. Councilman McCurdy seconded the motion and the motion carried.

            Next, Mayor Parsons read a letter from the Butte County Sheriff's Office requesting support from the City regarding the BCSD searching for grants. Councilman Tessmer motioned to sign a letter of support. Councilwoman Reese made the second. Motion carried.

            Maintenance Supervisor Tony Chisham asked the council if we could purchase a hydraulic car lift for working on the city vehicles. He found one at the surplus sale. Councilman Tessmer motioned to purchase the lift for $2500.00. Councilman McCurdy second the motion and the motion carried.

            Next on the agenda was setting a budget working meeting. Councilwoman Reese motioned to set a meeting for July 22, 2022, at 10:00 am at the City office. Councilman McCurdy second the motion. Motion carried.

            The bills were presented and checked. Councilwoman Reese motioned to approve the bills in the amount of $29,925.59 with a second by Councilman McCurdy. Motion to pay bills carried.

Councilman Tessmer asked about the surge protector for the sewer plant and Councilman McCurdy told him that it had arrived and they will be connecting it.

             Councilwoman Bobbie Reese discussed the shifts that the mayor and council would take at Atomic Days booth this Saturday at the park.

            Councilman McCurdy made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 p.m. Council President Gilchrist seconded. Motion carried.         


  ______________________________                                         __________________________                                                            

  Tara Wilson, City Clerk                                                    Grady Parsons, Mayor


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