City Council

City of Arco                                                                                     

February 13, 2023

     Mayor Parsons called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  In attendance were Council Members Travis Gilchrist, Bobbie Reese, Danny McCurdy, City Clerk Maribel Cahalan, Deputy Clerk Dana Jensen, and City Maintenance Supervisor Tony Chisham.  Guests attending were Rosanne Smith, Tom Darland, Rebecca Lange, Tom Cammack, James Riemenschneider, Donna Murray, Kevin Whitecomb, and K. J. Babcock.

  Minutes from the January 30th meeting were reviewed by the Council and approved upon motion.

     Public Comments – Resident Donna Murray thanked the City crews for clearing out snow piles in the area of St. Ann’s Church to make access easier and safer.

     Kurt Hibbert – Comp Plan and Impact Area Map – Mr. Hibbert was tasked by the Butte County Planning Board to share the draft map for the New Area of Impact “Joint Planning Area” boundaries that are being worked on by the Arco City Council and the County Planning Board.  In the near future, a draft map will be the subject of a County Planning Board Public Hearing, to give both County and Arco residents an idea of the findings for both the City and Butte County Comprehensive Plan update process.  At this time the map is a work in progress and changes are expected based upon the public input.  Once a presentation map is prepared, a date will be set and advertised for the first Public Hearing to receive public input on the aspect of both the County and the City Comprehensive Plan update process.  Stay tuned for the announcement of a Public Hearing in the usual places like the Arco Advertiser, Post Office bulletin boards, County Planning Office notice board.  All are welcomed to participate in the Public Hearing and desired to ensure the widest input for the Comp Plan process.

     Proposed Ordinance – Butte County Emergency Services Coordinator K. J. Babcock gave examples of the City Flood Ordinances that are normally adopted by cities once FEMA provides fold hazard information to provide Floodplain management criteria.  A few advantages of the City Flood Ordinances are 1) ordinances establish a link to local planning documents; 2) potential for government assistance in the event of flooding is increased if the City has a flood plan; 3) it helps protect the City from liability.  Many questions were followed.  Council President Gilchrist asked whether such an ordinance would help or hurt property owners.  Owner of Community Development Specialists, and preparing Contractor of the updated Comp Plans for both City and County, Kurt Hibbert, restated advantages of a local flood ordinance.  1) improves access to the federal flood funds; 2) creates a link to Flood Plan Management Systems; and 3) without a local flood plan ordinance, the City would not be eligible for FEMA grants to add flood control infrastructure, such as a FEMA grant.  Mr. Babcock proposed that the City apply to construct flood control drainage system beginning with Highland Drive.  K. J. provided two examples of flood ordinances, one from an Idaho city and from a Utah city for Council members to look over.  Mr. Hibbert and Mr. Babcock both said that they would answer questions that the Council members might have.  All the Council members agreed that they would like time to examine the example ordinances before coming to any conclusions on actions to recommend.

     Rosanne Smith-Budget – Rosanne Smith had additional questions for the Council on tracking the budget, and pointed out that the first 2023 fiscal year quarterly budget report to the public had not been published in January as required by Idaho Statute.  Ms. Smith also asked if the 2021 Audit Report correctly reported 2021 Sewer Revenue of $250,000, but was not all spent in 2021 sewer operating expenses.  She is requesting clarification.  Ms. Smith acknowledged receipt of the first quarter 2023 General Fund itemized expenditures list prepared by City Clerk Cahalan before the Council Meeting began.    Ms. Smith said that she would like to have more time to look it over to see if the information she requested is detailed there.  Mayor Parsons requested that Ms. Smith provide a written copy of the list of information she is asking so that the City can pursue answers.   

     Wayne Ouellette – Car Show & Chili Cook-Off – Mr. Ouellette presented a proposal for a Car Show and for a Chili Cook–Off for the City to consider as a summer events in Arco.  Availability for calendar dates would be in early June between the Challis and Moore event dates.  Proposed events were very favorable by the Mayor as well as the council members.  Council President Gilchrist however pointed out that the inadvisability and possibly legal impediments for the City to sponsor such events.  Also, there would be no impediment for Mr. Ouellette to look for private sponsorship and obtain event permits from the City.  No decisions were made at this time.

     Resolution to increase Sewer Bill – Council President Travis Gilchrist said that the questions presented by Ms. Smith about the City Budget and spending needs clarification on spending before we the City can move forward with increases to the City Sewer fees.  The Council members have concerns that a reserve fund for the sewer system maintenance and repair needs to be created.  All of the council members agreed, and there needs to be a detailed list of spending presented.  Also discussed was that the engineering study being prepared on future maintenance costs and needs might be needed to calculate the sewer fund needs.  Council members Bobbi Reese and Danny McCurdy said that they would like to have the operating  expense numbers in front of the Council before taking any action.  The Council agreed to go back to get all the cost needed in front of them before the Council takes any action.

            Bills – Council members Bobbi Reese and Danny McCurdy reviewed the bills presented to them by Clerk Cahalan,  Council member McCurdy made the motion to approve the bills in the amount of $26,063.30.  Motion approved. 

            Roundtable – there were no items presented at the Roundtable.

            Adjournment – Motion to adjourn was made at 8:24 p.m.  The next regular Council meeting will be on Monday, February 27th at 7:00 p.m. at the City Office.


   Grady Parsons, Mayor                                                        Maribel Cahalan, City Clerk                                                                                 

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